• Dig Out Tool

    8" metal tool Edge removes dirt and debris from inside and around base anchors Model DT10
  • Umpire Bicep Protectors

    Pads attach with Velcro® straps 4" of additional protection Pads protect the biceps Model BEX Color: Black
  • Umpire Throat Protector

    Protects neck and throat from impact Laces onto umpire's mask Foam is strong against impact w/o being uncomfortable or restricting range of motion Model 78BLK Color: Black
  • Baseball Umpire Sleeve Numbers

    4" three-color umpire numbers for sleeve. For Navy Shirts: Scarlet on navy on white outline. For Scarlet Shirts: Navy on scarlet on white outline. For Powder Blue Shirts: Navy on white on scarlet outline. For Black Shirts: White...